Seven (7) Corporate ESG & Climate Trends in US and Canada to watch out for 2023 and beyond

By Prof Nikos Avlonas President CSE (www.cse-net.org) Adjunct Professor UIC   The landscape of ESG is certainly changing in North America. ESG investing, new SEC and IRA legislations, climate change risks are shaping global conversations. We have identified Seven Major Trends for 2023 and beyond that will shape the future in North America.   Additionally […]

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Interview of CSE Founder and CEO Nikos Avlonas on the Environmental Transformation Podcast with Sean Grady   We are excited about the great interview of CSE’s Founder and CEO Nikos Avlonas on Sean Grady’s the Environmental Transformation Podcast. The interview started off describing the meaning of Environmental Social Governance (ESG) and why is it a […]

New Rules by SEC to Enhance and Standardize Climate-Related Disclosures for Investors

Companies and investors alike demand sustainable investment opportunities and all stakeholders continue ask for access to comparable and reliable metrics to evaluate a particular investment or product. Indeed, the foregoing is driving rulemaking initiatives by various federal and state regulatory authorities, including the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). All these factors deserve the attention by […]

7 trends for companies in ASIA -PACIFIC to watch out for!

ESG, Net Zero & Circular Economy Global Trends for 2022 and Beyond!   ASEAN Taxonomy In 2021 the Association of Southeastern Asian Nations released the Version 1 of the ASEAN Taxonomy for Sustainable Finance. It aims at providing a common language for sustainable financing among the ten country members (which, combined, comprise the 5th largest […]

8 trends for companies in Europe to watch out for!

ESG, Net Zero & Circular Economy Global Trends for 2022 and Beyond! By CSE research team   EU Green Deal – What’s Next The EU is working on revising its climate, energy and transportation legislation under the “Fit for 55” package in order to align all the current legislation with the 2030 and 2050 goals […]

8 trends for companies in North America to watch out for!

ESG, Net Zero & Circular Economy Global Trends for 2022 and Beyond! 8 trends for companies in North America to watch out for! by CSE Research Team   Net Zero Emissions Zero emissions will not only relate to reducing carbon in the atmosphere, but also to a wider transformation of the business model. Already, one […]

What companies looking for environmental consultants should be aware of

ESG is having a fast-growing impact on the investment funds sector on a worldwide basis and COVID-19 has accelerated the change. Moreover, regulatory activity of a more stringent nature, carbon net-zero emissions pledges and renewables outperforming fossil fuels in terms of yields have been the main market drivers for the ESG evolution.   As distinguished […]

ESG investing is on a growth trajectory; businesses act accordingly.

Numbers can rarely go wrong and that is a worth mentioned information when it comes to the sustainable funds in Canada. Although last year, ESG funds exceeded $ 3.2 billion, during the end of the first quarter the value of sustainable funds in Canada hit $ 18 billion according to Morningstar Canada. One of the […]

US to phase out of HFCs with new EPA rule

Biden administration has already pledged to tackle climate change and the Environmental Protection Agency has taken the first steps towards a considerable reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Their new target is to reduce the emissions of two dangerous greenhouse gases: methane and hydrofluorocarbons.   Methane is mainly emitted during natural gas extraction, while hydrofluorocarbons are […]