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Investigating the preferred ESG Standards amongst 16 sectors – Findings from CSE’s new Annual Research in the US and Canada

February 10, 2022
Investigating the preferred ESG Standards amongst 16 sectors - Findings from CSE’s new Annual Research in the US and Canada




For the 5th consecutive year, the Center for Sustainability and Excellence announces the unique findings from its Annual Research on ESG Ratings and Reporting Trends, focusing on 2021’s ESG best practices and standards. CSE’s research identified the Top 10 ESG Performing Companies in 16 leading sectors and further explored common success practices as well as the most widely used ESG Standards.


The Research examined consolidated scores from several ESG rating agencies (eg. CSRHub, MSCI, CDP, Sustainalytics) and analyzed ESG reporting practices and standards/frameworks used (eg. SASB, TCFD, GRI, SBTi ).


The findings demonstrate a significant increase in the use of ESG standards from leading companies. Among the most interesting findings is that more than 55% of the Top 10 ESG performing companies produce stand-alone Sustainability (ESG) Reports while 60% of them apply the GRI Standards. Additionally, SASB Standards are used by 56% of the companies under investigation , TCFD recommendations by 30% s and the Science-based Targets for GHG emissions reductions by another 30%.


As far as the content of the Sustainability (ESG) reports is concerned, marked increases have been identified on carbon neutrality, net zero goals and on the publication of ESG scores and ratings.


It now becomes evident that top companies adopt a more strategic approach towards ESG and make use of specific global standards and frameworks. This allows for better consolidation of scores, easier comparability and greater transparency.


The research also showed interesting conclusions with regards to the ESG incorporation potential of each sector. For example, Petroleum Refining, Energy & Utilities, Telecommunications, IT & Network Services are the leading sectors when it comes to Sustainability-ESG Reporting, while Commercial Banking and Insurance are lagging.


Key findings from CSE’s Annual ESG Research in the US and Canada were presented for the first time at CSE’s Sustainability Practitioners Annual Event, “Winning the ESG Race – Trends for 2022 and beyond”. The event brought together thought leaders, institutions, and top corporate executives from GM, Oracle and the Value Reporting Foundation, in high-level discussions.

The new “ESG Estimate” tool was also presented at the event, a business tool developed by CSE to help organizations identify their ESG status in the most important criteria.


As one of the leading ESG Consulting and Educational organizations specializing in maximizing social, economic and environmental impact, CSE is proud to help FORTUNE 500 and other organizations around the globe improve their ESG Ratings and create purpose-driven Strategies and ESG Reports.

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