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Company Profile

CSE is a multi-awarded firm committed to delivering sustainable business results and create positive impact for organizations around the globe through its unique training and consulting services.

Integrated consulting and training services with a sector-based focus

Based on our worldwide expertise and annual global research based tools , we can guide businesses on to their Sustainability & ESG transformation to ensure high brand credibility and maximized their social and environmental impacts

Thought Leadership

We like to be ahead of things and since 2005, as one of the first consulting Sustainability firms globally, we have been helping our clients get an early start.

We have proudly hosted round tables and digital events in New York, Atlanta, Washington, Chicago, Brussels, Athens, Dubai, London, Istanbul, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

Advanced Research

We like to be ahead of things and so we are good listeners and researchers.

We listen to the market and monitor sustainability and ESG trends early on, so we can understand challenges and opportunities and support our clients in the most efficient way.

Awards and Distinctions

leader 100

CSE was named to the 2021 Environment + Energy Leader 100

silicon valley

Silicon Valley Community Foundation awarded CSE’s Online Sustainability Academy as Model of Corporate Responsibility in 2018.


CSE’s unique Sustainability Research featured in top American business media Forbes in 2017


CSE President, Nikos Avlonas, was recognized by Trust Across America as one of the Top 100 Thought Leaders In Trustworthy Business Behavior in 2010.


CSR Europe awarded CSE for its Sustainability Scorecard and integration project with Lloyds Banking group in 2007.

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