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Our Vision

CSE is a pioneer, award-winning organization in sustainability, empowering companies and professionals globally through Certified Training Programs and specialized ESG, Νet Zero, and Climate Resilience consulting services.

Since 2005 we have been educating companies of all sizes from around the globe, with our multi-awarded Specialized Training Programs and unique Research methodologies and tools on Sustainability, offering seamless and efficient integration across industries.

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  • We are proud to support the leaders of tomorrow through advanced and specialized certified education programs.
  • We are proud to support private FT 500 and public organizations that excel in Sustainability, Corporate Responsibility, and ESG criteria.
  • We are proud to partner with consulting firms and help them grow via our global CSE Licensed Training & Consulting firm scheme.

Our Proof of Success

Over 150 private companies and public organizations from Europe, North America and other regions trust CSE to maximize their impact in Sustainability, ESG criteria and Corporate Responsibility.


Over 9,500 professionals from 5 continents have been certified through CSE’s on-site, online and group training programs.
We are proud to have supported companies such as GM, ABM, Oracle, Lloyds Banking Group, European Investment Bank.

our vision

Our Accreditations

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