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Sustainability Data of Dow Jones – How ESG dataset improves investment efficiency?

February 8, 2022
Sustainability Data of Dow Jones – How ESG dataset improves investment efficiency?

The global provider of news and business information, Dow Jones announced the launch of its sustainability data, including sustainability scores on thousands of publicly traded companies. Sustainability data aim at enabling investors and asset managers to understand company ESG performance and impact and make sustainable investment decisions.

Components of the new data set include ESG scores for over 6,000 companies rated across 26 sustainability categories, along with industry, category, and country scoring. The scoring model is aligned with the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) standards, and uses a uniquely news-driven methodology, combining company-disclosed data with news from thousands of global sources.

The new data set includes:

  • Company Scores and Sentiment – 6,000+ companies around the world are evaluated and rated across 26 categories of sustainability
  • Industry, Category and Country Scoring – Granular data, news signals and scoring weighted for industry relevance
  • Trusted Evaluation – A transparent model

Dow Jones stated that its sustainability data will also help financial firms provide greater transparency about how they are accounting for sustainability risks and integrating ESG into the investment process, as regulatory requirements increase. Daily news and scoring updates ensure financial firms are basing sustainable investment decisions on information that is accurate and transparent than self-reported data alone.

Dow Jones’s sustainability data will initially be available via a feed, designed for institutional investors to integrate into portfolio management and strategy systems. Customers that want to read the news driving score changes can add on a stream of sustainability-related media coverage from thousands of global sources.

Can ESG disclosure improve investment efficiency?

Pressure is increasing for companies worldwide to disclose Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) information. More and better disclosure can lead to tangible capital market benefits such as improved liquidity, lower cost of capital, higher asset prices (or firm value), and better corporate decisions.

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