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ESG investing is on a growth trajectory; businesses act accordingly.

July 13, 2021
What companies looking for environmental consultants should be aware of

Numbers can rarely go wrong and that is a worth mentioned information when it comes to the sustainable funds in Canada. Although last year, ESG funds exceeded $ 3.2 billion, during the end of the first quarter the value of sustainable funds in Canada hit $ 18 billion according to Morningstar Canada. One of the important lessons 2020 and the pandemic taught was a more careful attention on the impact the investors’ holdings have on the world. Climate and social concerns are translated as an increased effort on behalf of many firms to adopt overhauling policies and procedures around ESG.

On that rising note, it is impossible to ignore that companies realize that if they want to earn people’s trust in investment decisions, they will have to proceed with more thorough ESG risks disclosure as Priti Shokeen, head of ESG Research and Engagement at TD Asset Management Inc.(TDAM) underlines.

Business decisions have clearly shifted from a more internal and yet traditional approach that meant to take actions that would not hurt their business to a more collective, purpose focused where righteousness would involve communities, customers, and the planet at large.

The ESG sector is placed into an evolving orbit which means that professionals, policies, and procedures need to adapt and be prepared to support their product, services, and strategies if they want to catch up with the constant ESG trends.

Ms. Baek of McMillan stresses that Canada embraces more and more the growth of ESG-related frameworks, standards, regulations, and other initiatives. In that context, companies must emphasize on their ESG mandates accordingly and focus on areas such as reporting, disclosure, best practices, and values.

Katie Walmsley, president of the Portfolio Management Association of Canada in Toronto notes that ESG policies and decisions to support sustainable investing initiatives have brought growing interest to the agenda of firms and executive committees.

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