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The importance of Responsible Communication of Sustainability for the Yachting industry

November 24, 2020
The importance of Responsible Communication of Sustainability for the Yachting industry

The Yachting industry is an industry at the core of ocean health. In recent years, it has been under a lot of pressure to become more sustainable, which is why there has been an increase in environmental awareness, making efforts to become a global eco player both in how they are designed and their operations impact. Over the next year, it is expected that there will be an even greater change not only in the way it measures sustainability, but also in the way it handles emissions and environmental impact.


It is important to note that two of the 17 SDGs are directly related to the Yachting industry. Specifically, the No. 13 Climate Action that concerns the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the No. 14 Life Below Water, which refers to the conservation and sustainable use of water.


The consumption of plastic, the use of cleaning products that are not friendly to the aquatic ecosystem and waste are some of the issues that have been in the spotlight. The concept of sustainability, apart from the yachts, has also touched the events or races that take place within the industry that are contributing to climate change. World Sailing has now made mandatory the development of an integrated sustainability strategy that will be in line with Agenda 2030 to reduce carbon footprint and contribute to the health of marine biodiversity. Events should also be committed to report annually on their progress and future sustainability goals, while their organization should be in accordance with ISO 20121 sustainable event management system.


According to Volvo, the next races in 2026 and 2030 will focus on sustainability in every aspect of the race. For example, it will include an awareness and education program for sustainable development in each city-station of the route.


There are already sustainability reports from the broader yachting industry organizations  as Corpus Christi Yacht Club, Royal Akarana Yacht Club and  Beneteau and its seems that Sustainability Reporting is the best way of responsible Communication of the Yacht industry as it is for other industries as well. Guidelines and initiatives such as the GRI and UN Global Compact seems to lead the way.


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