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The European Commission targets climate neutrality by 2050

November 23, 2020
European Commission Neutrality 2050

The European Commission will be presenting the EU Strategy on Offshore Renewable Energy. The strategy proposes to increase Europe’s offshore wind capacity. This motivated growth will be based on the vast potential across all of Europe’s sea basins and on the global leadership position of EU companies in the sector.


A large number of new opportunities will be created by generating green jobs, and strengthen the EU’s global leadership in offshore energy technologies while also ensuring the protection of the environment, biodiversity and fisheries.


European industries are working fast and are in the forefront in developing new technologies to take advantage of the power of seas and producing green electricity.  European Green Deal Executive Vice-President Frans Timmermans said: “Today’s strategy shows the urgency and opportunity of ramping up our investment in offshore renewables. Already, offshore renewable energy is a true European success story. We aim to turn it into an even greater opportunity for clean energy, high quality jobs, sustainable growth, and international competitiveness.”


Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson said: “Europe is a world leader in offshore renewable energy and can become a powerhouse for its global development. We must step up our game by harnessing all the potential of offshore wind and by advancing other technologies such as wave, tidal and floating solar. We need to boost the EU’s domestic production to achieve our climate targets, feed the growing electricity demand and support the economy in its post-COVID recovery.”


The Commission will help harness this project by:

  • Provide a clear and supportive legal framework.
  • Help mobilize all relevant funds to support the sector’s development.
  • Ensure a strengthened supply chain.


Offshore renewable energy is a rapidly growing global market, particularly in Asia and the United States, and provides opportunities for EU industry around the world. To analyze and monitor the environmental, social and economic impacts of offshore renewable energy on the marine environment and the economic activities that depend on it, the Commission will regularly consult a community of experts from public authorities, stakeholders and scientists.


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