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Networking is key to Sustainability – Digital Certified Sustainability (ESG) Practitioner Program

November 19, 2020
The European Commission targets climate neutrality by 2050

November 2020 Digital Training Program: a start of partnerships and friendships

The Center for Sustainability (ESG) and Excellence is constantly growing its network of certified sustainability practitioners. Why do we make such an effort? The digital course incorporates three live sessions, facilitated by global Lead Trainers, including Nikos Avlonas, Founder and President of CSE.  The course combines the best attributes of online learning with the interactive traits of live instruction and breakout sessions.

This year, with the advent of COVID-19, CSE launched the digital version of its flagship course, the Certified Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner Program, Advanced Edition 2020. In this week’s training program we had participants from North and South America and Canada. Sectors included Energy, Energy Utilities, Manufacturing, Logistics, Media, Information Technology & Services, Facilities Services and Academia. When Texas Energy Managers Association, Husky Energy Inc, Parkland Corporation, Aspect Energy and EnerSys share ideas, successes and challenges with Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp, Handen Consultoría, Industrial Ebro-Quimex, University of San Diego School of Business, NBCUniversal, Rogers Communications Inc., Parsons and BGIS, the conversations are forward reaching! What partnerships will emerge? Which networks will grow? Too soon to tell!

Of the many insightful conversations, the most valuable ranged around the sharing of ideas. Executives and Boards of Directors are unaware of the opportunities and more importantly the risk of not incorporating the business case of sustainability into the core of their business strategy.

Anna Zubets Anderson, Vice President – Senior Analyst at Moody’s Investors Service in New York, through recorded sessions, presented Moody’s views and strategy on sustainability. Moody’s objective is to improve transparency using the four ESG analytical tools:

-ESG taxonomy: What is ESG?

– Heat maps: Is ESG material to credit quality?

– Assessments: How is a specific issuer exposed to ESG risks?

-Credit Opinions: How has ESG affected an issuer’s credit rating?

Moody’s is a sponsor to CSE’s Leading Global Certified Sustainability (ESG) Practitioner Program. More specifically, this program aims to give Sustainability Professionals all the latest practical tools and resources required to implement or upscale corporate sustainability and ESG ratings in order to drive your initiatives to the next level by generating value and creating effective strategies.

Supply chain, investor rankings, materiality and stakeholder engagement are important components of the Center for Sustainability and Excellence, Certified Sustainability (ESG) Practitioner Program. CSE does not pick focus arbitrarily. We listen to participants form past trainings and to participants enrolled for future trainings.

Want to inform the focus for the upcoming digital programs?

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