When it comes to financial and sustainability performance dynamic optimization is better than sequential

While U.S. voters are picking a President, there is an increasing global awareness among policy makers, financial leaders and businesses that measures to address climate change, from clean energy research and development to disaster preparedness, represent the best path for recovery from the COVID-19 crisis. Industries will be pumped with money, infrastructure revitalized and sustainability […]

The Responsible Consumer is becoming King

Never before has brand value been so intrinsically linked to the term corporate responsibility as during the recent global health crisis.  Businesses are focusing all efforts to link their activities towards responsible causes. Despite the global lock-down, the “responsible consumer” is far from powerless and in fact is a driving force behind the unprecedented changes […]

What Consumers Expect of Corporate Responsibility during the Pandemic

Through the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and in its aftermath, the demonstration of successful corporate responsibility will require fostering, amongst others things, three very important attributes towards consumers and the workforce:  Greater Connection, Stronger Communication and Continued Education.   The resilience of business will be put to the test  by the speed of to which they […]