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What Consumers Expect of Corporate Responsibility during the Pandemic

April 7, 2020
What Consumers Expect of Corporate Responsibility during the Pandemic

Through the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and in its aftermath, the demonstration of successful corporate responsibility will require fostering, amongst others things, three very important attributes towards consumers and the workforce:  Greater Connection, Stronger Communication and Continued Education.


The resilience of business will be put to the test  by the speed of to which they have adapted and  overcome the present challenges including loss of physical connection, remote working, focus on health and well-being, international travel limitations and the uncertainty of their economic viability.


Furthermore, new and wider networks of support are developing between business and their employees, their families, local businesses and communities and these are all bringing to life the positive impact that responsible business can have on society as a whole.


For the last 15 years CSE has been assisting businesses and organizations in North America to set out their sustainability paths and their preparedness to act responsibly.


Our mission is to continue encouraging the greater connection between our large network of sustainability practitioners, to keep sharing communication of best practices and new trends and to continue educating on sustainability matters through our internationally recognized sustainability certified Sustainability Practitioner programs and award winning on-line Sustainability Academy.


To this end, we would like to invite you to join Nikos Avlonas, CSE President, in a live FREE webinar on Thursday April 16 at 10:00amCT, for an open discussion about:

What Consumers Expect of Corporate Responsibility during the Pandemic


The topics that will be covered include:


  • The role of corporations during the pandemic towards their employees and society
  • What are Consumer expectations and how their behaviors will be affected
  • Best practices applied from leading companies
  • Challenges and disruptions facing business in the year ahead
  • The opportunities presented for a more sustainable future



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