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When it comes to financial and sustainability performance dynamic optimization is better than sequential

November 3, 2020
When it comes to financial and sustainability performance dynamic optimization is better than sequential

While U.S. voters are picking a President, there is an increasing global awareness among policy makers, financial leaders and businesses that measures to address climate change, from clean energy research and development to disaster preparedness, represent the best path for recovery from the COVID-19 crisis. Industries will be pumped with money, infrastructure revitalized and sustainability professionals trained in new skills as government and financial leaders spend trillions of dollars on green stimulus measures.


This urgency is driven by science. Green recovery plans boost income, employment and GDP better than traditional stimulus measures. The World Bank and the IMF have already stressed sustainability metrics as they have endorsed and grow their lending in response to the pandemic. A green recovery for businesses is about spending money wisely though. Business resilience will require a broad portfolio of actions, from emergency preparedness to disaster-resistant building codes. Sectors heavily affected by the pandemic, such as transport, tourism and energy, were heading towards structural change anyway. A strategic recovery is simply going to accelerate change.


This year wildfires have torched homes across the Western US, unprecedented floods have inundated large swathes of Asia, and the past decade was the hottest ever recorded. The ice caps that bookend our planet are also seeing rapid loss and glacial melt. The science is clear. We must dramatically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. For governments, boosting green technologies and innovation brings benefits to businesses, economies and people as well as cutting emissions.


The concept of green recovery has been embraced by big polluters, such as the European Union and China who have already signaled they will step up. Some US cities like New York, Los Angeles, Seattle and New Orleans are already attempting a green recovery to COVID-19.


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