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US Elections – Sustainability – Pandemic are just some of the issues on the table now

October 29, 2020
US Elections – Sustainability – Pandemic are just some of the issues on the table now

In an election like none before it, steaks are high with people and corporations looking in detail into the candidates’ agenda on how they will tackle the ongoing pandemic and the climate crisis.

A study found that during this pandemic the –new- corporate environment will include changes made to global corporations’ operational conditions and place on a prime spot of annual priorities the environmental, social and governance-related (ESG) topics along with the workplace flexibility.

This study also found that corporations are placing more priority on environmental sustainability and social responsibility and more flexibility when it comes to working hours / conditions / locations.

This year we are facing a pandemic and the US presidential elections that will both have a strong impact to the future of work. Companies will have to adjust quickly to operational impacts & organization changes, workplace & workforce practices, and corporate priorities & spending.

In terms of climate change, the US has taken a step back while time and circumstances are ever-changing. Subsequently, the distance between what the federal government should be doing and what it is doing has grown radically.

The only energy stocks surviving this recession are wind, solar, and their supply chains. Over the next decade, these sources are expected to account for 80 percent of all power generation and even though corporations caught up with this “trend” early on, governments need to follow and make changes happen.

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