How ESG performance affects company’s employees

December 22, 2021

In a world of high workforce turnover and intense competition for talent, executives recognize the importance of attracting and engaging young employees. How to achieve this in practice is a top priority for c-suite executives. They must deal with the following leadership challenges: attract and retain top talent, embrace diversity, and upskill digitally the staff, within an ongoing automation of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices.


Looking ahead to the next decade, ESG performance will become even more important in attracting and retaining talent, as Millennials and Gen Zs make up most of the global workforce. These generations place even greater importance on environmental and social concerns than their predecessors – and will expect even more from employers on these issues.


Employers with highly satisfied employees score higher on ESG performance. Top employers (as measured by employee satisfaction and attractiveness to young talent tend to: (i) have lower carbon emissions, (ii) make a greater effort to understand employee feelings, (iii) be more diverse. Satisfied employees work harder, stay longer, and seek to produce better results for the organization.


Digital upgrade – covid 19 brought it as an urgent matter


In the US, there are now 10 million fewer jobs than before the pandemic, and unemployment is still well above its pre-covid rate. One-quarter of US jobs are at risk of automation, and workers will need new skills to remain employed in a digital economy.  Companies have to really engage in the idea of upskilling their employees digitally, instead of the less accessible, more obsolete in-person training. A 2020 study found that companies with the most advanced upskilling programmes has seen three times the improvement in innovation.


In the rest of the world, the picture is similar. The global number of digital jobs is set to grow from 51 million this year to 190 million in 2025. In India, the world’s biggest labour market, only 12% of the workforce has digital skills.


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