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Four Creative Ways to Strengthen Corporate Sustainability

April 18, 2019
Four Creative Ways to Strengthen Corporate Sustainability

In April 2019, CSE completed a successful month-long push offering four kinds of in-person training in Toronto and Seattle.

Sustainability training helps professionals improve their skills and update their knowledge in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Tangible results include building the business case for sustainability; understanding the importance of stakeholder engagement; and leveraging use of standards and guidelines to implement sustainability strategies organization-wide.

  • Sponsored by Clintar, CSE lead a Lunch and Learn for franchisees and customers.
  • CSE designed a Day-Long In-House Training to build a cross-department sustainability team for a major media company.
  • With Western Washington University, CSE provided a Collaborative Foundation Training joined by participants from Microsoft, Costco, FortisBC and Netgear and others.
  • CSE offered its Certified Practitioner Training to corporate Managers and VPs from Moody’s, PepsiCo, Goodwill, Sunlife Financial and others, providing key players advance methodology for sustainability strategy.

The ROI on training is indisputable:

More customers lead to more greater shareholder value.  Firms investing in training and development can yield a return 45% higher than the market average when compared to the  S&P 500.

Increasing efficiencies is a profitable and “low-hanging” fruit.  After training, an HSBC “Climate Champion” initiative saved 4 million kilowatts per year of electricity and about 900 metric tons of carbon dioxide, which shaved $332,000 on energy bills.

Through better morale, professional development and team building, a 2% increase in productivity can net a 100 percent return on investment in training.  For every dollar spent on training, Motorola found  nearly a 30% gain in productivity over three years and reduced costs by over $3 billion.

Over 40% of employees without training opportunities plan to leave in one year versus only 12% of those who felt they had excellent training opportunities.  Employees often rank “opportunities for personal growth” ahead of salary!

These four creative training options, tailored to specific corporate needs, are supported by CSE’s award-winning Sustainability Academy and its fast track Sustainability (ESG) Leadership Training Workshop for C-Suite Executives.

Next up is the Certified Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner Program, Advanced Edition 2019 to be held in NYC, June 6-7, 2019.  This training focuses on key challenges professionals face in Sustainability, Supply Chain, Corporate Responsibility and Corporate Communications.  Register now to take advantage of Early Bird Pricing.

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