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The Inflation Reduction Act: Towards Sustainable Growth and ESG Integration in the US

February 20, 2024
The Inflation Reduction Act represents the largest government spending package

The Inflation Reduction Act represents the largest government spending package focused on sustainability in US history enacted in 2022 and emerges as a beacon illustrating the path towards a cleaner and greener future. Building on its globally respected programs, CSE is committed to keep its global leadership in sustainability education of sustainability professionals and C-Suite executives in the US and Canada with the updated version of the Sustainability Training, focusing on new legislation, sustainability reporting and ESG trends.

The Inflation Reduction Act represents the largest government spending package


With a commitment unparalleled in history, the IRA earmarks substantial funds, estimated between $700 billion and over $1 trillion through 2030, for sustainability-linked initiatives. This includes tax credits that drive investments in renewable energy projects, sustainable aviation fuel, and emission reduction strategies. According to a recent survey, two-thirds of U.S. adults say the country should prioritize developing renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, over expanding the production of oil, coal and natural gas, according to a survey conducted in June 2023.

The IRA’s influence extends beyond mere rhetoric, as it catalyzes the growth of the clean energy sector, aligning with the broader goals of ESG. It provides financial incentives for businesses, influences the commercial banking sector to expand ESG offerings, and contributes to the overall growth of the green sector. The IRA has contributed to job creation, with over 100,000 jobs reportedly linked to sustainable initiatives within six months of its enactment.

Moreover, the legislation supports various sustainable energy projects, especially in wind, solar, and electric vehicle sectors, through targeted tax credits for specific activities like electric trucks, charging infrastructure, renewable energy sources, sustainable aviation fuel and more. However, while the legislation has been successful in promoting sustainability, businesses still face challenges in understanding regulations, how to utilize ESG data, and implement comprehensive ESG strategies.

Despite the growth in ESG awareness, businesses encounter hurdles like lack of clear direction, data, and knowledge on implementing successful strategies. Businesses still need guidance on regulatory shifts and comprehensive ESG roadmaps. Commercial banks, with access to transaction data, can play a crucial role in providing solutions for reporting, assessments, compliance, and downstream influence.

The IRA, by driving demand for sustainable initiatives, is influencing businesses to consider ESG goals alongside financial concerns. It helps businesses make a stronger case for investing in sustainability improvements through tax credits, and incentives for carbon capture. This includes support for renewable energy projects, green improvements to existing buildings, and emission offsets such as carbon sequestration.

ESG considerations are evolving from a choice to a business imperative. Companies that proactively embrace ESG principles are expected to demonstrate resilience, attract stakeholders, and make more informed decisions.

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