Three Reasons Seattle Needs Sustainability ESG Practitioners!

By CSE research team   Seattle, consistently near the top of any list of US cities for sustainability and growth and the heart of the tech world, has some of the most progressive environmental and social mandates in the US.   To support its progressive sustainability profile, the city needs well educated professionals, equipped with […]

CSE Executive Sustainability & ESG Training: Another Success Story  

  CSE is proud to announce that its Leadership Certified Sustainability (ESG) Practitioner Program, Digital Edition (2022) which took place in April 2022, was again sold out, with twenty-six C-suite, SVPs, VPs, CFOs, senior directors and managers in field of Sustainability ESG trusting it for their professional education.   The digital program incorporates three live […]

How corporate ESG strategy is affected by Ukraine Invasion

A few weeks have passed since Europe has come up against its worst military conflict since World War II, shifting the continent’s landscape on energy transition and investors’ decisions. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has exposed the failings of fund managers to see the risks a war could pose to their portfolios. Lots of U.S. dollars […]

Canadian securities regulators publish guidance on ESG – Do you know how to manage ESG risk?

  by CSE research team   In recent years, there’s been more pressure for investment managers and managers of active businesses to increase their reporting of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) metrics in their financial and non-financial public disclosures. Regulators and legislators are implementing rules to promote this objective.   Under Canadian securities legislation, there […]

EU sets a global requirement in supply chain sustainability

  Business’ impacts take place throughout the entire value chain and the EU has already acknowledged this. The European Commission has set one more time high standards by becoming the first policymaker in the world to take concrete initiative for human rights and environmental violations in the supply chain. The Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive […]

 What does ESG mean for the Energy and Mining industry in Canada?

  Environmental Social Governance (ESG) is a topic of increasing importance in all business sectors across Canada, shaping many corporations’ business agendas as investors prioritize integrative investment approaches. In the energy sector, many companies in Canada are motivated to set and attain ESG benchmarks, following strict local regulations.   All of Canada’s largest oil and […]

Mind the gap: Corporate climate pledges in the time of EU energy crisis

by CSE research team Europe’s energy sector is suffering from extreme malaise   The future energy system will need to address all value chains of the energy sector while delivering energy transition and decarbonization goals, linking in an optimal way various energy resources and networks to the consumption sectors. Smart sector integration is expected to […]

How to walk the walk on corporate climate commitments in the EU

  In an era of transformative change Corporate Sustainability Leadership guides legislation and effectively manages internal and external risks. Sustainable profitability, the rule of law, cooperation between enterprises, civil society and governments are the greatest assets to respond to the public concerns for Europe’s future and new model for sustainable and digital growth.   With the start […]

Key Sustainability Concepts under SFDR: tackle the challenges, unlock the opportunities

  Under the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), all EU asset managers are now asked to publicly disclose. Pension funds, insurers and asset managers must disclose how they consider ESG risks in their investment decisions.   The SFDR will create a structural change in financial markets by making sustainability reporting mandatory and will push portfolio […]