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CSE’s Advanced C-suite ESG Training 2022 comes to a successful end!

May 30, 2022
CSE’s Advanced C-suite ESG Training 2022 comes to a successful end!
CSE, C-suite ESG program
The Center for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE) thanks all participants of our sold-out back-to-back training programs in 2022. The discussions were enlightening, and the key issues brought to the table critical.
CSE’s Advanced C-suite ESG Training 2022 comes to a successful end!
C-suites, Directors, Analysts, HSEs, Specialists, CSR Leaders and Managers attended this May the Advanced ESG Practitioner Program, 2022, with live instruction from CSE’s Founder and President Nikos Avlonas, multiple awarded Thought Leader in Corporate Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship.

Attendees had the opportunity to join the three-day interactive program, which included live sessions, digital coursework, multiple modules, integration exercises, case studies, videos, and networking opportunities.


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  During the training, participants showed their interest to share their most important challenges and best practices, analyzed insightful and practical cased studies, received all the latest practical tools required to implement and upscale corporate sustainability ESG and interacted with representatives from various sectors, industries and business mindsets. Attendees from five different countries represented Banking, Environment, Packaging, Financial Services, Higher Education, Pharmaceuticals, Food and Beverages, Information Technology and Telecommunications sectors.   Networking and extra modules on the Energy transition, Health and Financial sector were key for the success of this training program! Apart from the networking opportunities during the live discussions, participants were encouraged to join an alumni group of numerous past practitioners trained globally to share their ideas, challenges and opportunities ahead in the field of Sustainability ESG.   Thanks to our practitioners’ evaluations and support, we are committed to improve our training programs and provide exceptional services towards sustainability ESG transformation. CSE’s goal is not to just support businesses to stay up to date with the latest trends, but to attain excellence and help businesses to thrive within a competitive environment that holds key opportunities.   2022 cohorts had a significant portion of pharmaceutical, energy and healthcare product providers, tech companies and representatives of top Corporations seeking to learn how to navigate through the new regulatory landscapes for ESG Disclosures and Climate Risk.  

Upcoming Programs

Fill the gap between investor expectations and your ESG strategy. Learn the best practices for communication focused on your ESG progress by enrolling to CSE’s flagship training program, the Certified Sustainability (ESG) Practitioner Program Leadership Edition on June 9-10 & 13. The program will soon reach full capacity!

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Location: Digital

Date: June 9, 10, & 13

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