How to Improve Your CDP Rating: Key Elements for Success

As companies strive to meet stakeholder and regulatory requirements, participating in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and improving your CDP rating, can demonstrate transparency and commitment. While completing the CDP questionnaire can be challenging, taking an incremental approach and focusing on specific elements can help enhance the quality of your responses. In this article, we […]

EU sets a global requirement in supply chain sustainability

  Business’ impacts take place throughout the entire value chain and the EU has already acknowledged this. The European Commission has set one more time high standards by becoming the first policymaker in the world to take concrete initiative for human rights and environmental violations in the supply chain. The Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive […]

What companies need to know about the new SBTi’s Net Zero Standard

A few days before the COP26, the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) launched the world’s first Net-Zero Corporate Standard. The concept of ‘Net Zero’ has gained increasing popularity, leading to inconsistent approaches. This is the first science-based certification of companies’ net-zero targets in line with the Paris Agreement’s goals, by providing a unified framework to […]

COP26: More than 20 countries end financing for fossil fuel projects

Talks are continuing in Glasgow and the COP26 summit is accelerating even more the action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. The discussion around fossil fuels is gaining momentum, with more than 20 countries committing to end financing for fossil fuel projects abroad. For the first […]

The right time for companies to act on ESG -Sustainability Reporting is now

  Carbon neutrality plays a vital role in addressing the climate crisis. With countries legally binding net-zero emissions targets, even companies in emissions-intensive industries, such as fossil fuels, are setting ambitious targets. 2021 is projected to be a crucial year as the COP26 summit will take place in Glasgow in November, where parties will be […]

The future of sustainability in Australia

Australia’s carbon emissions dropped 5% in 2020, which marks a considerable progress, considering that Australia had a very poor record on emissions and sustainability after an OECD review back in 2019, which said that as one of the most carbon-intensive economies in the OECD, Australia has no national long-term strategy for lowering emissions, and despite […]

Singapore – Are you ready for the bold and ambitious green plan?

Singapore has one of the world’s biggest deforestation footprints per capita and the impact of climate change has become more intense in recent years. Forestry, urbanization and agriculture are the main drivers. The country now is heating twice as quickly as the global average and it is projected to reach 37 °C by the end […]

Five years countdown for renewables to overtake coal.

A number of countries have already pledged to reach net‐zero emissions, however the gap between theory and action still exists. This gap needs to close if countries want the chance of reaching net-zero by 2050 and meeting the Paris Agreement long-term temperature goal. The energy sector is the major source of global emissions, holding the […]

Climate neutrality: a common target for states and companies

Climate neutrality is a “must include” in a sustainability communications strategy. It refers to a broader focus on net-zero emissions of all anthropogenic greenhouse gases and it is often described as a combination of direct emissions reductions, with emissions offsets for the remainder. It is impressive that the world’s largest multinational companies have committed to […]

Can the US catch-up with EU & Canada and revive their sustainability (ESG) regulations?

Globally, countries are stepping up their game to greater sustainability, mainly climate change, into their financial industries. The plans are most advanced in the European Union and Canada.   In the last few years, multiple countries have made progress in developing sustainable-finance plans to help direct investment to climate solutions. On the other hand, the […]