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Climate neutrality: a common target for states and companies

April 8, 2021
Climate neutrality: a common target for states and companies

Climate neutrality is a “must include” in a sustainability communications strategy. It refers to a broader focus on net-zero emissions of all anthropogenic greenhouse gases and it is often described as a combination of direct emissions reductions, with emissions offsets for the remainder.

It is impressive that the world’s largest multinational companies have committed to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, among them a lot of European companies.

European Union has already committed to become climate neutral until 2050 and this target is in line both with European Green Deal and the context of the Paris Agreement. EU Member States are asked to develop national long-term strategies on how to meet the commitments. Moreover, to achieve this ambitious goal, large European companies need to raise their expenses on low-carbon projects.

Maersk, the world’s largest shipping container company, aims to have the world’s first carbon neutral liner vessel by 2023, seven years ahead of schedule. Moreover, Heidelberg Cement, the world’s second largest cement company, is the first cement maker globally that has committed to realize CO2-neutral concrete by 2050. Other European companies with ambitious targets include IKEA Group, Thyssenkrupp, Vattenfall and Volkswagen.

Climate action has become a driver for businesses and investors in order to evaluate innovation, competitiveness, risk management and growth. As political and economic frameworks change, there is need for immediate action.

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