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New Sustainability Reporting Guidelines for the Superyacht Industry

July 19, 2022
New Sustainability Reporting Guidelines for the Superyacht Industry

The Center for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE) in collaboration with the Water Revolution Foundation (WRF) presents the Sustainability Reporting Guidelines:

A specialized Sustainability Assessment Framework for the Superyacht Industry.



This new Framework is aligned with the criteria of the GRI Guidelines, UN SDGs and EU legislative directives on Sustainability Reporting. In parallel an online version was created, whose interactivity bares an innovative aspect; it allows professionals to receive feedback on their status in the preparation for official reporting, using criteria and examples that have been chosen to reflect what most companies of this sector are likely to find relevant.

CSE has a strategic cooperation with WFR since 2019, aiming to provide top of notch training to professionals of the Superyacht industry worldwide. As a result of this cooperation, more than 120 professionals from leading companies in the Superyacht industry have been trained so far.

Nikos Avlonas, President of the Centre for Sustainability & Excellence (CSE) stated:

“We are very excited for this brilliant collaboration with WFR in educating the yachting industry towards sustainability & creating practical tools that could make the difference”.


Robert van Tol, Executive Director of the Water Revolution Foundation (WRF) stated:

“Following our successful joint Sustainability-in-practice training course we continuously provide to land-based yachting professionals, Water Revolution Foundation and CSE now launch a set of guidelines to help the yachting sector get started with internal sustainability reporting. These directly serve those who completed the course, but also prepare many of their companies that will face non-financial reporting obligations in the near future”.

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