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Services to help you create an impact and stakeholder value

Our services are designed to assist our clients to improve their business performance while having an impact, build brand loyalty and innovate through the continuous integration of sustainability principles into their culture, operations and products and/or services.

 Learn the 5 emerging trends for Sustainability Reporting in North America and find out your sector status

Watch our latest Webinar presented at the Conscious Business World Summit 2018 and find out how Sustainability Reporting supports the corporate bottom line

Get feedback on your Sustainability Report and/or Initiative and maximize your value

How you can improve your business performance while having an impact

  • Materiality Assessment

    Identification of Key Material topics based on GRI Standards

  • Compliance with GRI Guidelines and other frameworks

    Compliance of your Report with global standards and frameworks

  • Applying UN SDGs

    Guidance for optimum integration of the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals

  • Sustainability Report Content Writing and Design

    Support for content writing and design

  • Return on Sustainability Scorecard

    Key performance indicators and goals for each Sustainability pillar

  • Sectoral Benchmarking

    Assessment and ranking of your company’s Sustainability performance in comparison with competitive organizations in your sector locally and globally

  • Supply Chain Sustainability

    Establishing sustainable principles for all your suppliers

  • SROI and Stakeholder Engagement Programs

    Calculation of social value and impact for your Sustainability programs and improvement of stakeholder dialogue

  • Community Volunteering Framework for higher employee motivation

    Design and support for volunteering activities to engage employees

  • Carbon Reduction programs

    Design and support for programs to reduce carbon emissions by your company

  • Product Life Cycle Assessment

    Identification of the most energy consuming sources of the lifecycle of your products

  • Sustainability Report External Assurance based on AA1000AS

    Assurance of the Report based on GRI and AA1000AS to increase validity, transparency and accuracy of information

  • Carbon Reduction Verification

    Calculation and verification of carbon footprint for your company’s activities and reduction strategy.

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