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How Sustainability
applies to Manufacturing

    Based on the unique research insights, the Manufacturing sector presents the following issues as most important for companies and organizations of the sector, according to the companies themselves and the internal and external stakeholders:

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    Supplier Management

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    Risk Management

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    Customer Satisfaction

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    Product and Transport Safety

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    Diversity and Equality

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    Occupational Health and Safety

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    Employee Training

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    Human Rights

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    Climate Protection and de-carbonization

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    Nature conservation

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    Resource Conversation

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    Water Management

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    Waste Management

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    Environment friendly products

    Our Services

    ESG Reporting and ratings

    ESG Reporting and Ratings Services

    We help to improve your ESG report and ratings by complying with global standards and best practices in your sector:

    • ESRS
    • GRI
    • SASB
    • TCFD/CDP
    • Science-based targets
    • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
    • S&P – CSA
    Certification & External Assurance

    Assurance Services

    As a Licensed Assurance Provider of AA1000 we can provide you External Assurance Services for your ESG Report and Carbon Emissions (Limited or Limited and Reasonable Assurance levels):

    • ESRS (CSRD)
    • GRI reporting
    • SASB reporting
    • TCFD reporting
    • GHG protocol
    • SEC Climate Rule
    Impact Assessment Services

    Outsource ESG & Sustainability Officer (CSO) via CSE’s holistic Services

    Outsourcing Sustainability Officer services can be advantageous for companies that lack in-house expertise or resources to effectively manage their sustainability efforts. It allows you to access specialized knowledge, experience, and support on a flexible basis, tailored to their specific needs and budget constraints.

    We can support you in A-Z.

    Corporate Sustainability Strategic Planning

    ESG & Net Zero Strategies

    We assist your organization set its strategic plan for sustainability through:

    • Impact Materiality & Double Materiality Assessment
    • ESG Strategy & Goals
    • Sector benchmarking
    • Delivery of tailor-made group training to your executives and sustainability teams
    Circular Economy & Climate Risk Services

    Climate Services

    We assist your organization in the transition to a Low Carbon Economy through:

    • Carbon Reduction and Net Zero Plan
    • Scope 3 Emissions
    • Measure & Communicate Social Value (SROI)
    • Climate Resilience Services
    Sector Specific Group Trainings for Organizations

    Tailor Made & Sector Specific Training Programs for C-Suite Executives and Staff

    We offer a variety of Tailor-made and sector specific training for Boards, C-Suite Executives, Staff and the Recognition “Recognized Sustainable Employer”

    • Leading C-Suite Executive education in more than 90% of FT 500 companies
    • Global experience on Live and Recorded Courses
    • Sector focus
    • Becoming Recognized on Sustainability means that your workforce has gained knowledge and skills on core sustainability issues, as well as ability to apply those skills on the job

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