Certification & External Assurance

    Sustainability Reporting External Assurance based on AA 1000

    As AA1000 licenced assurance providers we offer independent assurance services for compliance of your sustainability reporting, GHG emissions with important standards such as the GRI, SASB, TCFD.

    Carbon Reduction Verification

    We undertake carbon measurements of your operations, buildings and products.

    LCA Assurance

    We offer assurance services on Life Cycle Assessments to measure your environmental impact.

    Assurance on GRI & SASB guidelines

    We provide compliance to your sustainability reports with GRI and SASB and other Key standards

    Carbon Neutral certification

    We offer carbon neutral certifications for your operations, buildings and products via and high-quality carbon offsets and RECS via our partners. We also provide in depth External Assurance for your Net Zero commitments.

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