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Innovation and sustainable solutions for the superyacht industry future

January 29, 2021
Innovation and sustainable solutions for the superyacht industry future

Sustainability seems to be an integral part of innovation for the superyacht industry as environmental considerations are topping the list of yachting owners. The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the minimization of their carbon footprint are the key trends of future innovations, which will enable technologies to improve efficiency.


Significant budgets are spent for investment into research and development in order to enable zero emissions. Moreover, to achieve the environmental goals, there seems to be a turn into different fueling options, non-fossil-based, such as biogas and hydrogen.


It is expected that over the next years, it will be clear who will be the leader in the industry and who will fall behind. There is need for yacht owners to consider their stakeholder value as investors are turning their attention to more sustainable practices and better ESG ratings.


The challenges are gaining more attention, while European Union keeps pushing industries with stricter regulations for CO2 emissions and circular economy transition. The superyacht industry is no exception to this.


Prepare your corporate response to the challenge of achieving the maximum  Sustainability performance potential, by better aligning with all the latest international non-financial reporting recommendations and standards, including GRI and other  With global accreditations and distinctions and a worldwide affiliate network, CSE is proud to have 80% of FORTUNE 500 companies and other leading organizations among our clients.


What can be done to improve the eco-friendly image of a superyacht? CSE’s specialized consulting services, such as Sustainability Reporting, Sustainable Communications  and compliance with the most important standards in the field (e.g GRI )  will help you to take advantage of Sustainability.

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