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CSE’S training wins acclaim by executives

June 23, 2022
CSE’S training wins acclaim by executives

June 13, 2022, was the conclusion of CSE’s leadership Certified Sustainability (ESG) Practitioner Program, Digital Edition (2022).  C-suite, senior directors and managers attended the online live sessions with live instruction from CSE’s founder and president Nikos Avlonas, CSE’s lead trainers for North America and program coordinator.  The three-day live sessions complement the digital coursework, which includes multiple modules, case studies, videos, and opportunities to interact with CSE trainers.


This session focused on executive-level issues as they pertain to the fundamentals of implementing a corporate sustainability strategy based on the methodology developed by CSE.  This five-part methodology: awareness and training; stakeholder mapping and engagement, assessment, goals and strategy, and reporting is used by Fortune 500 and other leading companies around the world.


Participants from four different countries attended the English-version training.  Attendees represented Oil & Gas, Software, Financial Services, Electronic Manufacturing, Human Resource Services and NGO’S.  Companies included GM, Amgen, Samtec and Red Cross Canada.


Attendees lauded the presenters’ expansive knowledge in corporate sustainability.  As important, if not more, they emphasized the value of learning about each other’s challenges and best practices.  Sustainability requires a system wide approach, and one never knows who from the training might represent a stakeholder whose perspective is invaluable.  Entrepreneurs learn from Finance who learn from key sectors about their pain points and what is each other’s criteria for due diligence.


With the focus on business, networking is a key feature.  Attendees with different backgrounds interacted and exchanged thoughts and challenges from their industries.  This the kind of networking which evolves from the numerous group and individual interactions.

CSE’s digital trainings regularly max out. Check out or contact [email protected] for upcoming training opportunities.


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