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CSE’s Event with the attendance of U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and Rating Agencies on the need of a new ESG regulatory framework

May 24, 2021
CSE’s Event with the attendance of U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and Rating Agencies on the need of a new ESG regulatory framework

The Center for Sustainability and Excellence held on May 18, 2021 a live event on “How ESG disclosures can support Investors’ decisions and a more Sustainable Economy. The need for a common ESG framework.” bringing together in a high level discussion the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, ESG Rating Agencies, Fortune 500 firms and the European perspective on the same issues.


Hosting as Keynote Speakers Kristina Wyatt, Sr. Counsel for Climate and ESG to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and Bob Mann, President of Sustainalytics, the event took a closer look at ESG challenges and opportunities and offered participants the opportunity to engage on the changing regulatory landscape with regard to ESG disclosures and upcoming Executive Order for Climate Risks by President Biden, who is preparing to instruct federal agencies to take action to combat climate-related financial risks to government and industry sectors.


The panel discussion included C-Suite Executives such as Andrea Gomez Vesga, Corporate Sustainability Manager in ABM, who commented that ESG ratings represent for corporations a way to keep pulse on the industries’ material risks and opportunities and provide signals of the topics that they should include in the corporate agenda, and Vassiliki Lazarakou, Chair of the Hellenic Capital Market Committee, who presented the European approach and legal framework with regards to ESG, such as EU Taxonomy, stressing the importance given by consumers for environmentally and socially responsible companies and by investors for transparency in respect of the investments.


“Climate change risk and ESG are important priorities to the White House and the new SEC chair”, noted Kristina Wyatt, who encouraged public response to the SEC’s request for comment noting that, “We are carefully listening to our stakeholders.”

During the event there was also a discussion about what is required for a common ESG framework and that it is important to have a clear regulation with specific objectives, because the disclosure is aiming at and investors are interested in different things, varying from ESG risk mitigation to outcomes and impact.


Nikos Avlonas, President of CSE and host of the event, commented “Choosing the right ESG criteria for the creation of a functional legislation with a focus on transparency is an important next step for Government, Investors and our Planet”. The President of CSE also presented the summary of CSE’s recent ESG Research in North America and related Trends, together with best cases from the ESG Top 50 companies.


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