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CSE brings together industry leaders for Sustainability ESG Practitioner training

March 21, 2023
CSE brings together industry leaders for Sustainability ESG Practitioner training

What an incredible start to 2023!

The successful March 2023 CSE training brought together industry leaders from various sectors. Attendees represented Food and Beverage Manufacturing, Financial, Banking, Telecommunications & Media, Environmental, Software Development, Clothing Retail, Information Technology, Oil and Energy, Government & NGOs, Real Estate and Construction sectors.


A good portion of the March training focused on ESGs and new disclosure frameworks taking place, regarding climate risk and low carbon economies: important considerations for participants from various sectors. Sustainable management of ESGs and Circular Economy make a significant impact in promoting human rights, fair labor practices, environmental progress and anti-corruption policies.


FT 500 participants were particularly sensitive to the implications of sustainability rankings to investors.  ESG criteria (environment, social, governance) are part of due diligence for trillions of investment dollars.


This session focused on executive-level issues, as they pertain to the fundamentals of implementing a corporate sustainability ESG strategy, based on the methodology developed by CSE.  This five-part methodology, put successfully into practice by Fortune 500 firms and other leading companies around the world, includes the following parts: awareness and training; stakeholder mapping and engagement, assessment, goals and strategy, and reporting.


Another focus, praised as one of the key take-aways by participants, was Materiality. Scope 3 and Net Zero Emissions, Supply Chain Sustainability are important components of CSE training which will be presented in all our upcoming US and Canada programs!


CSE does not pick focus topics arbitrarily, such as the request for extra Scope 3 information in the 2022 European training or the ESG & Climate Key Trends for the 2023 European training. We are extremely attentive to the particular needs of our participants, either those from past trainings or those enrolled for future programs.


CSE is preparing now for its upcoming trainings throughout US and Canada.  As always, CSE will tailor the training to the unique needs of this region.


Do you want to designate the focus for any one of our future trainings?


Register now for the Leadership Edition of the NYC on-site program in June 15-16 and let us know your thoughts.


After a three-year hiatus, the Center for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE) is returning to New York City, presenting ON-SITE its signature Certified Sustainability ESG Practitioner Program, Leadership Edition 2023, June15-16, 2023.

Upcoming Programs: Certified Sustainability (ESG) Practitioner Programs

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