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CSE 2021 Sustainability ESG Trainings Tackle the Hard Issues

June 2, 2021
CSE 2021 Sustainability ESG Trainings Tackle the Hard Issues

The Center for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE) thanks all participants of our sold-out back-to-back training programs in 2021. The discussions were enlightening, and the key issues brought to the table critical.


CSE’s Digital Certified Sustainability ESG Practitioner Program, Advanced Edition 2021 is a challenging three-day sustainability ESG program, designed for CEOs and C-level executives who want to make Sustainability a driver for organizational change, risk management, innovation and success. The program provides the latest practical tools and resources required to implement or upscale corporate sustainability.


2021 cohorts had a significant portion of pharmaceutical and healthcare product providers, tech companies and representatives of top Corporations seeking to learn how to navigate through the new regulatory landscapes for ESG Disclosures and Climate Risk. Discussion ranged from sourcing materials to pharma’s responsibility toward addiction and pricing.  Also, densely present were representatives from engineering and manufacturing firms.  The salient topics covered, included supply chain, compliance, international legislation and circular economy.


Executives from Fortune 500 companies tackled issues arising from acquisitions, talent retention and competitive advantage – all through the sustainability lens. FT 500 participants were particularly sensitive to the implications of sustainability rankings to investors.  ESG criteria (environment, social, governance) are part of due diligence for trillions of invested dollars.


ESGs and Circular Economy are important components of the Center for Sustainability and Excellence Certified Sustainability ESG Practitioner Program, which will be presented in all our upcoming trainings.


CSE does not pick focus topics arbitrarily. We listen to participants from past programs and to participants enrolled for future trainings. Want to inform the focus for any one of our future trainings? Register now and let us know your thoughts. Each training addresses issues of deep sector-based concerns.  The upcoming digital trainings include Seattle, Sept. 9-10 &13Asia- Pacific, Sept. 23-24 & 27-16; Canada, Oct. 21-22 & 25; USA, Nov. 4-5 & 8 and Europe, Dec. 9-10 & 13.


Register early for a chance to inform the discussion, bring your unique challenges and learn the case-study based methodology to enhance your sustainability ESG journey.


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