Why ESG training goes beyond simply doing the right thing?

November 29, 2022

An excellent ESG performance is based on a deep understanding of what ESG constitutes. Instilling a common language and understanding is crucial to integrate sustainability in all aspects of corporate and institutional functions. 


However, knowledge gaps and lack of clarity around core sustainability issues are still the main challenges for most organizations. This is why ESG training is key!


Long-term planning and prioritization of initiatives is critical when implementing an ESG strategy. This is the reason why professionals need to be confident in their ability to analyze and integrate ESG factors into their roles. Adding the ever-changing legislation with the new ratings and standards, all the above have brought ESG training at the forefront. This is a topic of growing importance for both the private and the public sector, involving multiple departments, managers, directors and C-suite executives.

Since every organization is different, a tailor-made program is always the best option when you are planning to upskill a group with training that truly addresses your needs.


What are the main benefits of an in-house training?



The training can be focused on the company, and sector specific case studies can be presented and discussed. An in-house training course is developed on particular topics and skills that are essential to a company.


Team building and business culture support:

Employees have the opportunity to collaborate with coworkers and develop stronger relationships. This can result in higher worker morale, as well as increased awareness of each other’s jobs.



An in-house training is more flexible in terms of scheduling. It is not easy to organize training for a group of people who all have their own schedules. An in-house training can engage employees during their regular working hours.



In-house training programs offer better value for money as they minimize travel-related costs without sacrificing training program quality and the ability for participants to enjoy improving their skill set all together.



The competitive advantage of CSE

For more than 16 years of experience, CSE has been designing in-house training programs on concepts related to Corporate Social Responsibility, ESG, Smart Sustainability Strategies, Circular Economy and Net Zero, tailor-made on each company’s needs in North America, Europe, Middles East and Asia.    


The Unique Value of CSE’ s tailor-made Executive Sustainability Training Programs lies in addressing sector based and company-specific needs.   




The United States Forest Service (USFS), agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture needed to increase awareness on Sustainability specifically for its Financial Department. CSE conducted for the organization’s financial department a training program on Sustainability trends and ESG criteria.


Resolute Forest Papers: CSE conducted two customized training programs for the company’s Board of Directors and C-Suite Executives on ESG factors, ratings, upcoming legislation, the most important standards on Sustainability Reporting, and Corporate Sustainability ESG benchmarking to enhance future corporate ESG initiatives.


Pfizer: CSE conducted a customized training program for C-Suite Executives. The aim of the training was to educate participants regarding the importance of ESG ratings, upcoming EU legislation, and the most important standards on Sustainability Reporting. The training included case studies and best practices from organizations in the same sector, benchmarking with other organizations and special workshop for sharing opportunities and future challenges.


Metagenics: CSE delivered a training program for the company’s C-suite Managers on Sustainability and ESG criteria. The aim of the training was to educate participants regarding upcoming legislation, the importance of Sustainability Reporting and Sustainability Strategies. The training included case studies and best practices from organizations in the same sector and benchmarking with competitor organizations.


Martin Guitars: CSE conducted customized training for the company’s Board of Directors on Sustainability and Climate Change. The aim of the training was to educate participants about the importance of Sustainability Reporting, Communication and Sustainability Planning.


Spirax Sarco perceived Sustainability as an integral part of the company’s identity, mission and corporate philosophy. The Organization needed to increase awareness for tis C-suite Executives across different countries and operations in Asia. CSE conducted a customized training program for C-level executives in Australia and Asia regarding the importance of ESG ratings, upcoming legislation, and the most important Sustainability Reporting Standards.


Organizations integrating Executive Sustainability Training Programs into organizational effectiveness make Sustainability (ESG) a driver for organizational change, risk management, innovation and success, while improving teamwork, relationships and job satisfaction.


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