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Why Canadian Workforce Needs to Embrace Upskilling

September 23, 2022
Why Canadian Workforce Needs to Embrace Upskilling

With Canada’s commitment to transition to net-zero comes change.

This ambitious target will have overarching effects over the entirety of the country, one of the biggest being the job market.


Furthermore, it is expected that approximately 15% of Canada’s labor force will be disrupted, and many are already feeling the effects of the transition. So how can you ensure not to be left behind in this new era? The answer is more straightforward than you may think: upskilling.

Equally important is the fact that in the near future, the sustainability sector will create between 235,000 and 400,000 jobs and nearly 3.1 million will drastically shift. These jobs will require a more advanced skill set. While Canada’s climate reduction target is feasible, it is not achievable without human capital. Some early predictions say that Canada could fall short some 27,000 environmental workers, leaving a huge gap in the market. Employees must properly learn about their part of transition to the growing sectors of the economy.  They will need to create new skill sets, but also reshape and enhance them. For example, accountants may need to take on the responsibility of auditing emissions.

The Canadian workforce must lead this transition.

There is a vast amount of uncertainty regarding which direction public policy will lead, along with the rate of innovation. Therefore, the pace at which employees must acquire these new skills is relatively unknown. One way or another, these employees must be able to respond. Constant learning and upskilling will be necessary to keep pace with transition. This is the workforce of the future.


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