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Top Speakers Guide You through CSR Excellence

September 27, 2010
Top Speakers Guide You through CSR Excellence

Certified CSR Practitioner Workshop – Brussels, November 18 -19 2010

Top speakers are scheduled to guide professionals through CSR excellence this November in Brussels where the Centre for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE) delivers its “CSR Practitioner” Workshop as part of its professional training series on Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Nikos Avlonas, CEO of CSE will be joined by Guest Speaker John Swannick, Executive Director of EABIS – The Academy of Business in Society to train and guide professionals responsible for the design, management and communication of CSR strategy, programs and reports. Being appointed to lead organisational excellence through CSR is a challenge in itself. Concepts, standards, and methodologies are vague in the mainstream market and professionals are finding themselves battling between aspirations to be Sustainability leaders and the reality of a critical market, which is both a trend setter and sometimes even quick to judge what is and what is not Sustainable Excellence.

At present, more than 130 CSR Practitioners across North America, Europe and the Middle East are implementing the most current methodologies on Strategy and Reporting, Stakeholder Engagement, Green Marketing and CSR Scorecard. General Managers, Directors and Senior Executives from prestigious organisations have gained advanced knowledge and career progression through CSE’s workshops – World Business for Sustainable Development, Oracle, Baxter, CYTA, Shell, Mercedes Benz, Sara Lee Corporation, Baker Hughes, Whole Foods, The North Face, Parsons, Institute of Corporate Social Responsibility and Entrepreneur. More than 5,000 professionals across 18 countries and 5 continents have been trained since 2005. CSE is committed to coaching and training the business community for a more sustainable economic, social and environmental future, globally.

As part of this “CSR Practitioner” Workshop, Nikos Avlonas and John Swannick will set the stage for professionals to acquire the skills necessary for leading their organisations towards responsible business models and practices that trigger growth, excellence and transparency. Professionals will crack the case of CSR – strategy, reporting, stakeholder engagement, green marketing, key performance indicators and international legislation. The workshop aims to equip the market with Certified CSR Practitioners, in an effort to develop the quality of Corporate Social Responsibility within the business community.

NIKOS AVLONAS heads CSE, a leading international advisory & training organisation specialized in Sustainability. Nikos  is a well known international speaker in topics related to CSR and has delivered speeches all over the world. As a specialist he has worked with corporations such as BP, Dell Computers, McCain, TNT, DHL, Lafarge, Deutsche Post, HSBC, Βank of Cyprus, TECOM, DIFC and organizations such as the European Investment Bank, Dubai Centre for Corporate Values, JetOil, and State of Illinois Treasury Office to effectively achieve Sustainability and Excellence. With extensive international experience in Executive Training he has provided accredited workshops on CSR and Climate Change to over 5000 professionals in 18 countries from public and private organisations.

Guest Speaker: JOHN SWANNICK
JOHN SWANNICK joined EABIS as executive director in January 2010. Prior to this John was a corporate responsibility and stakeholder relations specialist for Lloyds Banking Group, where he developed Lloyds’ CR management system and reporting. John has contributed to the European Foundation for Quality Management working group which delivered the EFQM’s CSR Framework and currently co-leads the European Laboratory on Valuing Non-financial Performance, examining the relationship between financial and non-financial performance. He represents the Laboratory on the EU Commission’s ESG Disclosure Working Group.

Certified “CSR Practitioner” Workshop (CSR-P Certification)
To RSVP for the CSR Practitioner Workshop in Brussels, contact Ms. Aglaia Ntili at [email protected] or register online at

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