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The CSE Supports DePaul University to implement Sustainability into MBA Curriculum

February 20, 2010
CSE Speaks on Sustainable Packaging at the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IOPP)

The Centre for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE) and DePaul University are working to bring the topic of Global Sustainability to MBA education. CSE President, Nikos Avlonas and DePaul University have recorded and are producing a series of Sustainability videos to be stored on featuring the Sustainability champion discussing his experiences in the field. These videos will be available on-line for DePaul professors to implement into class curriculum and play in class.

CSE is a known source for Executive training, having trained over 5,000 executives globally. Material discussed in the videos is taken from CSE’s Certified CSR Practitioner Workshop, certified by the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA). It is designed for all professionals responsible for the management of CSR, Marketing, and Public Relation activities. General Managers, Public Relations Managers and Sustainability and Environmental Professionals will advance their Sustainability understanding, acquire the skill and knowledge that will bring added value and authenticity to their company, and also earn an official business qualification.

The ultimate goal of this CSE workshop in North America is to provide the tools and training that will instill the growing importance of corporate social responsibility into company strategy and also help organizations demonstrate ethical business practices. This will in turn build corporate and community recognition in sustainable business through the examination of current best practices, as well as add to shareholder value in the long-term. With specialized, detailed and highly focused training, the CSE workshop will cover:

  • CSR/Sustainable Development Concepts & its Return on Investment
  • Global Warming & Climate Change Issues
  • Future trends & legislation in the U.S. & Worldwide on Corporate Responsibility
  • The Stakeholder Approach & CSR
  • CSR Communication & Reporting
  • Global Standards/Models/Guidelines & Tools for practical CSR integration (GRI, UN Global Compact, EFQM)
  • A CSR Action Plan for your organization (prerequisite for CSR practitioner Qualification)

To request additional information contact CSE at [email protected]

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