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The 5 skills that will land you a job in Sustainability (CSR)

February 11, 2019
The 5 skills that will land you a job in Sustainability (CSR)

Corporate Sustainability (CSR) is a growing industry that is taking the world by storm. Although often confused with the idea of environmental science, this definition does not represent the diversity of the field today. The main reason why Sustainability (CSR) is more and more positioned as a central element of corporate strategy is because it can bring value to Marketing, Supplier and HR functions of an organization in a measurable way.

And like with any rapidly rising business field, it requires well trained and updated professionals with the necessary skills to perform a variety of different functions, ranging from engineering to industrial management and including the design and execution of activities related to environmental, economic and social aspects. Research from various sources has shown that since the introduction of the term of sustainable development in the late 1980s, there has been a constant growth to the number of companies with full-time sustainability managers. Especially since 2000 the number of such companies has increased by 400%. This is evident also in the fact that more than 60% of sustainability professionals have been in the field for less than 10 years.

Many Sustainability (CSR) job opportunities are also focused on helping organizations and companies run more efficiently, thereby increasing profits, pleasing their customer base, and creating a sense of comfort and security among the community.

So, are CSR professionals something like a modern superhero? Are Sustainability jobs too difficult to acquire?

Research has shown that there are the 5 steps that will help you ensure you a job in Sustainability (CSR):

  1. Get a globally recognized certification in the field of CSR
  2. Acquire cutting edge knowledge (CSR Reporting, legislation, CSR trends, carbon reduction strategy)
  3. Address key sustainability (CSR) challenges (GRI standards, UN SDG’s) and learn how to improve an organizations financial performance
  4. Access a Global Business Network of sustainability (CSR) leaders
  5. Get the skills to meet Stakeholder expectations in today’s world of increasing demand for transparency

The Centre for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE), after London, Toronto, NYC and Houston, will be back in Dubai to deliver its annual CSR Practitioner Program.

The two-day program builds on from module to module and whether you are starting your CSR career or are excelling in it, you will benefit from attending.

This is the most successful program in the field of CSR since we have certified over 1700 CSR Managers and 90% of the Fortune 500 firms from 50 countries so far. CSE has been approved by CMI (Chartered Management Institute of the United Kingdom), in offering certified trainings for CSR Managers, Communication Directors, HSE Managers and other executives. CSE is also Green America certified business.

Visit the following web page Dubai Certified CSR Practitioner Program, Advanced Edition 2018 and get the opportunity to land your dream job in sustainability.

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