Seven (7) ESG & Climate Key Trends in Europe to watch out for 2023 and beyond

By Prof. Nikos Avlonas President CSE Adjunct Professor UIC www.cse-net.org   The landscape of ESG is certainly changing in Europe. ESG investing, climate change risk and the road to Net Zero are shaping global conversations. We have identified Seven Major Trends for 2023 and beyond that will shape the future in Europe.   Additionally we […]

Why ESG training goes beyond simply doing the right thing?

An excellent ESG performance is based on a deep understanding of what ESG constitutes. Instilling a common language and understanding is crucial to integrate sustainability in all aspects of corporate and institutional functions.    However, knowledge gaps and lack of clarity around core sustainability issues are still the main challenges for most organizations. This is […]

Part 1: What to Expect from a Digital Sustainability ESG Training

sustainability training

What to Expect from an Action Plan  You’ve devoted time to take a three-day Digital Sustainability ESG Training. You understand the value of a deeper understanding of Corporate Responsibility, but what exactly will the training provide?   The added value of the action plan  The majority of CSE practitioners say the most valuable component is the […]

Linking ESG targets to executive pay

ESG considerations are now a central strategic pillar for a lot of companies, while COVID-19 has intensified investor, consumer and public scrutiny of businesses’ ESG performance. Two-thirds of institutional investors demand executive compensation linked to ESG performance and such metrics are important in both annual and long-term executive incentive plans. On the other hand, 45% […]

Are Women in the U.S. & Canada Leading the Change to ESG Ratings?

Women are leading the change for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing in the U.S. & Canada amid growing demand for responsible investing solutions.   A recent study shows that responsible investing, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is gaining strong attention. Women are leading the change for ESG investing and are more likely to have a positive […]