The importance of Carbon Tax to tackle climate change

By Nikos Avlonas, President and Founder of CSE   Climate change poses a serious threat and it is acknowledged that vulnerable communities will bear the most consequences. To tackle the threat, carbon emissions should decrease.   Carbon tax discourages the use of fossil fuels as it is a fee imposed by a government on any […]

How will Green Deal affect corporations in EU?

Nikos Avlonas, President of Center Sustainability & Excellence–CSE What concerns do organizations raise about Sustainable Development and how the new EU strategy for 2030 (Green Deal) will affect them in the near future. Why do consumers and investors keep setting the standards higher when it comes to Sustainable Development? According to Ursula von der Leyen, […]

Canada Elections Could Turn on Sustainability Concerns

In advance of Canada federal elections, have you noticed more political ads focused on the environment?  While many have tried to turn sustainability into a partisan issue, much as it is in the US, Canada’s chief electoral officer assured NGOs that they’re free to promote combating climate change and other sustainability concerns in accordance with the […]