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Sustainability Academy Online Education builds on Earth Day Lessons

April 27, 2020
Sustainability Academy Online Education builds on Earth Day Lessons

This year we experienced Earth Day in a different way, not from outside but from inside. This made its celebration even more profound.


The abrupt restricted access to the outside world has made us more appreciative of every walk we can take in fresh air, of every ray of sunshine that can we can feel, of every beautiful scenery that can be captured with our own eyes and not through our screens. It’s a stark reminder of the beauty of nature that we have to respect and preserve.


We also realize that even though the world has come to a halt, nature and its cycles have not stopped. Despite the chaos of COVID-19, spring has gradually arrived on time, and this year even more than ever, we have learned to stop and listen and look at the changing season and the new growth that it brings.


The experience of lock-down has brought new realizations about how we can be more responsible towards not only our society but also our environment. Earth Day is about more than the ground we stand on – it’s about the people who eat Mother Earth’s food, drink her waters and care for each other.


We see that the earth is also benefiting without our presence and burdensome activities. Most notably pollution levels are reported to have fallen due to reduced industrial activities, air travel and transport.


The global mobilization to impose protective measures against the spread of the virus attacking the global population was rapid. The measures and policies, regulations for a sustainable planet and way of living should also remain at the forefront of government and business practices, just as urgently as the well-being of the human race.


Sustainability Academy certified online courses build on Earth Day values.


These are certified online courses on the most important issues of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility and more than 6.500 professionals from top corporations around the world have already joined them.


Led by award-winning CSE founder, Nikos Avlonas, Sustainability Academy Online Certified Education provides the foundation trusted by Fortune Global 500 executives and needed to help corporations make every day an Earth Day.


With this in mind what tools do you need regarding global sustainability issues? Contact us today at [email protected]

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