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What to Expect from a Digital Sustainability ESG Training

May 24, 2023
sustainability training

What to Expect from an Action Plan 

You’ve devoted time to take a three-day Digital Sustainability ESG Training. You understand the value of a deeper understanding of Corporate Responsibility, but what exactly will the training provide?

sustainability training


The added value of the action plan 

The majority of CSE practitioners say the most valuable component is the ACTION PLAN.  Of course, you won’t know this until 3 weeks after the training. CSE provides a methodology to evaluate your company’s level of development in having a Sustainability Strategy. We go over the practical applications of the methodology with case studies, exercises and discussions based on decades of experience.


What happens next? 

At the end of the training, practitioners have the tools they need to devise a two-year Sustainability ESG Action Plan for their organization. The Action Plan identifies areas already part of the company sustainability strategy and schedules a Materiality Assessment (MA) to identify stakeholder concerns. 

An Action Plan details:
  1. who needs to sponsor the effort (i.e., identifying leaders in the C-suite),
  2. a cross-organizational team
  3. the timing of the MA
  4. which ESG (environment, social, governance) pillars are of greatest importance and
  5. how the company can pull these pieces together over a two-year timeframe.


Why scheduling a Materiality Assessment (MA)?

Integral is the MA which helps the company determine which CSR issues, ESG concerns, or UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the most impactful to the company. The MA directly engages stakeholders who impact the company and who the company affects in turn. It results in a Feedback Report that contains the specific content for the strategic roadmap. The feedback report includes the results of stakeholder engagement and C-Suite executives’ assessment, together with a Materiality Matrix, to help set strategic priorities.


Following the Action plan, after MA and the results of a gap analysis (Risks), the company can design initiatives and goals for Environment, Local Communities and Products that will increase stakeholder value, reduce potential risk, and improve corporate performance.  The Action Plan often serves as a tool to provide impetus to nascent sustainability efforts.


How to become the Sustainability ESG champion of your organization?

Using the Action Plan, you emerge as a sustainability champion, and it can lead to promotion thanks to your efforts and follow-through.


To learn how to complete an Action Plan, attend one of our upcoming Certified Sustainability ESG Practitioner Programs! This course offers pragmatic methodology and tools to implement a corporate sustainability program. This is the “how to” course for identifying stakeholders, material issues, goals, implementation, and reporting. Check out the strategic roadmap for 2021 for CareDX we helped to develop in 2022.





Upcoming Programs: Certified Sustainability (ESG) Practitioner Program, Leadership Edition 2023.

 Location: Digital
Date: July 12-13 & 14, 2023
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