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Papaellinas Group publishes the 1st CSR Report in Cyprus

April 1, 2011
Papaellinas Group publishes the 1st CSR Report in Cyprus

Papaellinas Group, a leading Cypriot Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics company published the first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report in Cyprus. Pioneering in the development of Sustainability Reporting in Cyprus, the report not only constitutes as a well developed case on the strategies and practices applied by Papaellinas as a socially responsible organization, but also reflects the company’s commitment to the Strategic plan that is has set forth to follow in the coming years.

The CSR Report reflects the policies, practices, actions and performance of the company against the four pillars of CSR – people, economy, environment and society. It also serves as a catalyst for continual determination in achieving objectives and sustainable excellence. The CSR Report was developed in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3 guidelines and was assessed by CSE, which is a GRI Stakeholder and GRI Certified Training Provider.

It should be noted that the Papaellinas Group places a special emphasis on Environmental responsibility. As a result, the company has also created the first Climate (Carbon) Neutral cosmetics and perfumes boutiques, BeautyLine.  After CSE conducted a Carbon Footprint study of two BeautyLine boutiques, they were certified as Climate Neutral by myclimate – a Swiss non-profit off-setter and partner of CSE. BeautyLine shops also house Nanny Diapers, which are certified as climate neutral, marking the first climate neutral product in Cyprus, and first of its kind worldwide.

Papaellinas Group’s commitment to recognize its responsibility towards society and the environment has led to the investment of significant resources towards Sustainability. This has offered opportunities for entrepreneurial initiatives that reflect asensitivity to society and an underlining belief that modern entrepreneurship must have strong links with the environment within which it operates.

CSE, in partnership with myclimate has successfully carried out numerous projects for the reduction of CO2 emissions and Carbon Offsetting in Greece, Southeast Europe and the greater EU.

For more information on how to reduce CO2 emission of your products and services, contact a CSE for a free webinar or visit our Services online titled Life Cycle Assessment & Carbon Footprint.

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