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Nikos Avlonas of CSE Presented His New book on Practical Sustainability Strategies in Chicago

February 13, 2014
Nikos Avlonas of CSE Presented His New book on Practical Sustainability Strategies in Chicago

Chicago, Febr. 12 – On Tuesday, February 11, Nikos Avlonas, President of the Centre for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE), and George Nassos, Principal of George Nassos Associates, presented in Chicago  their new book entitled “Practical Sustainability Strategies: How to gain a competitive advantage.”

The book, recently published John Wiley & Sons, Inc., already got its place among America’s bestsellers on its first 3 weeks of publication. The book goes a step beyond all the theoretical solutions about sustainability and offers proven practical strategies that organizations can follow to develop and maintain a unique competitive advantage and includes case studies.
Great contribution to last night’s event were the presentation of its guest speakers, Howard Learner, President and Executive Director of the Environmental Law and Policy Center, and Cary Nathenson, Associate Dean of The University of Chicago Graham School. The speakers emphasized the importance of the authors’ contribution in promoting sustainability and responsible corporate strategies. The event was attended by numerous professionals from the academia, corporate organizations and local media.
Commenting on the recent publication of his book, CSE’s president and book co-author Nikos Avlonas said: ”This book reflects my fifteen-year global Sustainability experience with dozens of Fortune 500 companies and other organizations  in  North America, Europe, Asia and Middle East  during which I provided strategic consulting and training services. This contributed toward creating strategies with a positive impact  on both organizations , society and the environment as a whole.‘’

Cary Nathenson Associate Dean from the University of Chicago Graham School where Nikos Avlonas was advisor on its Sustainability Leadership program comment “Sustainability education needs to be both theoretical as well as practical in order to contribute to holistic approaches. This new book makes a welcome attempt to bridge the theory-practice divide.”

Joseph Maguire, President, Society of Environmentally Responsible Facilities, said that “Nikos Avlonas is a global leader in developing and implementing sustainability strategies for organizations–including SERF. He has teamed with his colleague George Nassos to masterfully distill their decades of experience in to this powerful and useful work.” Maguire adds “With an all-too-rare mix of accessible prose and hard data, these gentlemen have produced a work that belongs on the bookshelf of every corporate sustainability officer and concerned citizen of the world.”

To learn more about the book, please visit here, or for more information about CSE’s global sustainability trainings programs, instructed by the Nikos Avlonas, visit here or contacts directly CSE at [email protected] or at 312-214-6464

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