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Navigating the Impact of SEC Amendments on Private Fund Advisers, US Companies & Investors

May 15, 2023
Navigating the Impact of SEC Amendments on Private Fund Advisers, US Companies & Investors

On May 3, 2023, the SEC adopted significant amendments to Form Private Fund, which is the confidential reporting form completed by registered private fund advisers to monitor systemic risks to the US financial system. How will these amendments affect private fund advisers?

Here are the three most notable changes in the amendment

  1. All private equity fund advisers will be required to file quarterly reports to the SEC about transactions, general partner removals, and investors’ decisions to terminate a fund or its investment period.
  2. Large private equity fund advisers will have to provide enhanced annual reporting regarding certain activities of their private equity funds, including general partner clawback, fund-level borrowing, events of default and investments by private equity funds.
  3. Large hedge fund advisers will be obligated to file a current report with the SEC regarding certain events that may indicate significant stress at a fund, such as extraordinary investment losses, significant margin and default events, important modifications in the relationships with prime brokers, and certain events associated with redemptions.

While the SEC amendments do not directly impact US companies and investors, they could indirectly affect them.

The increased reporting requirements for private fund advisers are intended to improve the SEC and the Financial Stability Oversight Council’s (FSOC) ability to monitor systemic risk and evaluate market trends, which could help identify risks to the US financial system. Any systemic risks to the financial system could potentially impact US companies, particularly those operating in the financial sector. The increased monitoring of systemic risks to the financial system could ultimately benefit investors by reducing the likelihood of a financial crisis or market disruption that could negatively impact their investments.
In addition, the enhanced reporting requirements for large private equity fund advisers could provide more information to the SEC about certain practices of these advisers, such as fund-level borrowing, which could have implications for companies that rely on private equity funding. As a result, portfolio companies will be affected the most, as the private equity fund managers will make more informed investment decisions and manage their portfolios accordingly.
It is important for private fund advisers, US companies, and investors to stay informed about SEC’s developments and their potential impacts on their operations and investments. It’s likely that the financial sector, particularly private equity and hedge fund investments, will be most affected by the enhanced reporting requirements.

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