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International Certified Title by IEMA for Corporate Social Responsibility by CSE

June 20, 2008
International Certified Title by IEMA for Corporate Social Responsibility by CSE

Executives from large enterprises and organisations from 9 countries, successfully completed the specialised workshop that leads to the unique recognised professional title for Managers of Corporate Social Responsibility. The workshop successfully took place in Athens by CSE on 12 and 13 June 2008.

Specifically, thirteen (13) participants from nine countries (USA, Dubai, Kuwait, Switzerland, Turkey, Slovakia, Romania, Spain, Greece) attended the two-day CSR practitioner workshop, that was offered for the first time internationally by CSE to executives from abroad providing them the knowledge and dexterity required to become certified CSR managers.

The workshop aims to analyse the significance of CSR, as well as to present the notion and tools for the proper management of CSR activities. The workshop is addressed to individuals that have acquired a good working knowledge of CSR issues and who wish to acquire a recognised professional title. Through specialised, detailed and highly focused training, the educational workshop provides the tools and the practices for each CSR aspect. Upon completion of the course, trainees are able to apply their knowledge on all levels of CSR, from the development and implementation of effective CSR strategies as well as their applications in corporate culture, to the composition of a CSR report.

At the end of the workshop participants have the opportunity to be assessed, following a special assignment and become qualified CSR practitioners, certified by IEMA (Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment.

For more information kindly contact Ms. Vicky Nicholas via e-mail at [email protected]

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