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Industry Leaders discuss how ESG drives new growth opportunities

August 7, 2023
Industry Leaders discuss how ESG drives new growth opportunities


Understanding the value of CSE’s C-suite ESG Leadership training


Always at the forefront of trends, CSE has had a suite of Certified Sustainability ESG Practitioner Programs this year.  One of the most valuable components of this program, specially of the Leadership Version, are the online live zoom sessions, bringing together industry leaders in the field of Sustainability ESG!


This challenging, three-day C-suite ESG Leadership Training provides the latest practical tools and resources to implement or upscale corporate sustainability initiatives to the next level by generating value and creating effective strategies.


This is the leading program in the field of Sustainability (ESG) and Corporate Responsibility since we have certified over 9,000 Sustainability Managers and CSOs and 90% of the FT 500 firms from 90 countries so far.  Participants leave with solid grounding in Sustainability Strategy and implementation and access to CSE network including FT 500 Companies, Governments and NGOs. Successful completion of the two-year action plan earns the globally recognized Sustainability ESG Certification. Academia attend from around the world, multinationals, SMEs, non-profits and consultants.  CSE’s July 12-13 & 14, 2023, session hosted participants from Amazon, Oracle, Xerox, Ernst & Young, Kinross Gold Corporation, Blue Door, Morgan Advanced Materials, ASYAD Shipping Company, Elliott Group, Vivid Earth, Holistic Economy, Alfa Green Solutions, PCC Airfoils LLC and others.


The digital course incorporates three online live sessions via zoom (10hours), facilitated by global Lead Trainers, including Nikos Avlonas, Founder and President of CSE.  The course combines the best attributes of online learning with the interactive attributes of live instruction and breakout sessions.


Testimonies from the past trainings:


“Having taken and taught many online courses, this is the best organized, well-timed and thorough course I’ve ever led,” says Rosalinda Sanquiche, CSE’s US lead trainer assisting with the June course.  “The combination of self-directed study and live tutorial provided the kind of interpersonal yet in-depth content normally missing with online courses.”


This system allows companies to provide training at scale that is cost effective.  Live interaction affords trainers the opportunity to tailor content to meet the needs of attendees.

 “Imbedding sustainability in agriculture into our educational materials seemed daunting to us at first.  Dr. Avlonas demonstrated that we can effectively impact stakeholders across the agricultural education profession as well as satisfy the expectations of the companies and individuals who support FFA,” says Mark Poeschl, Chief Executive Officer at National FFA Organization.  “This training brought it all together for us.  I’ve heard nothing but positive comments from our participants, all of whom are now engaged in ways of improving FFA’s sustainability footprint.”


For more information on bringing affordable training to your team, contact [email protected]

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