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How to walk the walk on corporate climate commitments in the EU

February 16, 2022
How to walk the walk on corporate climate commitments in the EU


In an era of transformative change Corporate Sustainability Leadership guides legislation and effectively manages internal and external risks. Sustainable profitability, the rule of law, cooperation between enterprises, civil society and governments are the greatest assets to respond to the public concerns for Europe’s future and new model for sustainable and digital growth.


With the start of the new year, France has assumed the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. An overall ambitious presidency from the outset, it has at its core an agenda to drive forward the EU’s flagship Fit for 55 package of climate legislation, the battery regulation and the carbon market’s extension to the transport and building sectors.


Thus, how EU corporations can rise to the challenge of greening the economy becomes crucial.

Greening; Not greenwashing.


With our European team and global expertise, CSE is uniquely positioned to help companies meet new and amended legislation introducing significant sustainability and ESG related disclosure requirements that are impacting all participants in the European capital markets.


Investors and financial supervisors are calling for robust corporate sustainability reporting. CLO managers in Europe have started to build ESG negative screening measures into their credit criteria as new European collateralized loan obligation (CLO) issuance in Europe is up 75% year-on-year, reaching € 38.5 billion in 2021 and meeting the SFDR criteria is well within their reach.


CSE’s digital Certified Sustainability ESG Practitioner Program, Advanced Edition 2022, addresses EU mandates, providing participants an edge in their efforts to take a more practical approach to sustainability and ESG strategy in order to achieve targets and deliver significant impact and ESG footprint.


Sustainability ESG training in Europe will naturally gravitate to Energy and Finance.  Even outside these sectors, sustainability touches all the companies which have anything to do with energy, water, agriculture, population and waste. That means all companies.


Sustainability and ESG Professionals all over Europe are expected to join the leading program in March to discuss and face the frontline challenges as well as to get globally certified. This is a limited seating digital training; claim your spot on time.


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