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From profit mindset to growth and purpose: How can European companies step up their ESG game?  

January 9, 2023
From profit mindset to growth and purpose: How can European companies step up their ESG game?

With its commitment to high caliber training for C-suite executives worldwide in mind, CSE is preparing for the Updated European Advanced Version of the Digital Certified Sustainability ESG Practitioner Program, on February 22-23 & 24, specially addressed to European companies with an ESG mindset.  


With the climate crisis affecting the lives of hundreds millions of people, Europe has recently introduced a new set of rules for the financial sector. The new EU directive introduces more detailed reporting requirements and ensures that large companies and listed SMEs are required to report on sustainability matters, such as environmental rights, social rights, human rights, and governance factors.

Accordingly, for non-European companies, the requirement to provide a sustainability report applies to all companies generating a net turnover of EUR 150 million in the EU and which have at least one subsidiary or branch in the EU exceeding certain thresholds.


Exclusive insights to help you step up your ESG game

With our European team and global expertise, CSE helps companies maintain an edge in reaching global sustainability goals and understanding evolving international laws. During the upcoming C-suite ESG training, attendees will learn how to apply corporate sustainability ESG strategy and maximize the use of reporting tools in order to facilitate meeting US, EU and other global legislation.

Given all that, participants leave with solid grounding in Sustainability Strategy and implementation and access to CSE network including FT 500 Companies, Governments and NGOs. This program is designed for high potential, seasoned sustainability managers who are seeking professional growth and want to dive deep into ESG Trends, Standards & Ratings, Sustainability challenges in Supply Chain, Scope 3, TCFD and Net-Zero.


Supply Chain issues and Carbon Footprint Reduction

Tailoring the upcoming training to highlight Supply Chain issues and Carbon Footprint Reduction makes sense. A company’s supply chain makes a significant impact and yet can be its biggest challenge in promoting human rights, fair labor practices, environmental progress and anti-corruption policies.

Both Supply Chain management and ESG considerations are important tools in the CSE Certified Sustainability ESG Practitioner training which will be presented in February. More importantly, we’ll provide the foundation needed to help corporations integrate sustainability into their organization’s value chain.

Accordingly, our training builds on CSE’s brand new research findings on “How ESG influence profitability in FT 500 companies and most common ESG practices & guidelines used”, presenting an opportunity to all participants who want to focus on ESG risks and make a positive impact.

For that reason, this February, combine cutting-edge sustainability knowledge with real world business cases, and learn how to achieve Sustainability ESG excellence to drive business performance and step up your ESG game. 


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