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GRI backs the EU sustainability reporting and CSRD

January 13, 2022
GRI backs the EU sustainability reporting and CSRD

The NFRD can no longer satisfy the goals and ambitions of the European Commission on sustainability reporting. The adoption of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) will gradually replace the NFRD, aiming to raise the bar for corporate accountability and transparency in Europe. The first set of standards will be adopted by October 2022 and will cover all relevant Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) elements. The requirements are also increasing as the new directive presents a fundamental shift in the importance of solid and mandatory ESG related metrics to approximately 50.000 companies in the European Union.


The CSRD closely aligns with the approach and scope of the GRI, this is why the European Financial Reporting Advisory Group has signed a cooperation agreement. This is the first agreement that the EFRAG project task force has signed, promoting convergence between European and global sustainability reporting standards.


Key areas prioritized by both the CSRD and the new GRI Universal Standards for 2022 are:


Double Materiality – The identification of financially materiality issues is incomplete if companies do not first assess their impacts on sustainable development. The CSRD makes it clear that this principle is of high importance.


More detailed reporting requirements – Companies should be in line with the forthcoming EU sustainability standards. Short, medium and long-term time horizons are required to be covered.


SMEs – Simplified approaches and guidance will be provided for SMEs. This is one of the biggest groups affected by the directive, especially for listed SMEs that are now bounded by mandatory reporting.


Limited assurance of sustainability information– Limited third-party assurance on the reported information will become mandatory.


The GRI recently announced the introduction of sector standards, which will help companies identify material topics. The first sector Standard that has been published is Oil and Gas. Thirty nine other sector-specific standards will follow, with coal, mining and agriculture industries expected to be next.


Companies need to re-learn how to navigate the Standards as the updates are structural. As a GRI Global Partner, CSE will hold the GRI Certified Standards Training Course- Reporting with the NEW GRI Universal Standards on February 16-17 & 18, aiming to give you a crystal-clear approach of how to effectively manage a Sustainability ESG report in accordance with the NEW GRI Universal Standards.


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