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Marina Alonistioti

Senior Sustainability Consultant

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Marina Alonistioti has been a Senior Sustainability Consultant at the Centre for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE) since 2008. Marina is a senior expert in carbon footprint assessment, strategy, Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) and environment related initiatives with experience in related projects in Europe, North America and the Middle East.


Marina is an assessor of the Corporate Responsibility Institute (member of the BITC), assessing organizations under the Corporate Responsibility Index. She is one of CSE’s trainers, on GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) and on Carbon Strategy trainings. Marina is an environmental consultant specialized in Environmental Management and Carbon Emissions Systems such as ISO14001, GHG protocol and other CSR related standards. She is an Internal Auditor for the ISO 14001:2004 standard and a certified Waste Management specialist. Marina has experience on construction sites and has worked as environmental consultant and trainer for companies in Europe and America.


Her project involvement includes measuring organizational, events and product carbon footprint and consulting with companies including Heineken Group, Vinci, Coca Cola, Gaea, CommScope, Medline, Illinois Treasury Office, Jetoil, Hellenic Petroleum and Vitex. She holds a degree in Environmental Planning from the University of Central England in Birmingham and a Master of Science in Environmental Management from Coventry University. Furthermore, she has participated as a speaker in conferences and events pertaining to the scope of Sustainability and has contributed to the field through articles in an effort to increase environmental awareness and initiatives.

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