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ESG Growth and the Enhanced Role of Sustainability Consultants

April 1, 2022
ESG Growth and the Enhanced Role of Sustainability Consultants

by CSE research team


As companies grapple with how they can bring sustainability, supply chain and environmental concerns to their existing operations, they reach out to consulting firms and experts seeking sustainability advice.

The pressure from environmental, social and governance (ESG) investors and policy makers is driving this rising demand, and so it the constantly changing regulatory and legislative environment.


After the COP26, for example, corporations are faced with challenging new commitments to cut emissions, which inevitably leads to them seeking advisory expertise, as well as the technical support of sustainability specialists.


On the other hand, the shift in business caused by the ‘ESG and Sustainability Growth’ has also led to sustainability jobs rising in demand, spanning across a wide range of industries, from renewables to finance, and the demand is growing even faster in the following sectors: energy and mining, healthcare, agriculture, transportation, construction and manufacturing.


The International Labor Organization (ILO) estimates that 24 million jobs worldwide could be created by the sustainable economy by 2030 alone. According to a recent report from LinkedIn, the shift to hiring for the sustainable economy is already underway worldwide. Sustainability consultants are also in great demand, whether as independent consultants or as part of a company’s sustainability department.


Yet, these sustainability professionals are required to have specialized knowledge, specific skills, and a deep understanding of the economic, social, and environmental intersection. In other words, they need advanced, specialized education so as to be able to tackle the new challenges of their position. As presented in the last World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report, employers estimate that 4 in 10 workers will need to be reskilled.


For Sustainability consultants and trainers, this double gap presents a unique professional opportunity. Sustainability consultants are the expert partners to turn to, for companies who are struggling to meet their net zero and sustainability goals and Sustainability trainers can provide specialized education and help C-Suite executives and senior professionals lead their company to its inevitable Sustainability/ESG transformation.


Since 2008, the Center for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE) has been supporting top companies and global organizations through sector-specific, integrated consulting services and guiding Sustainability and ESG professionals securely so they can meet the high demands of their expanding role.


It does so also through its global Network of Affiliates.


New challenges require new alliances, and this is why CSE is now expanding its dynamic, fast growing business network and calling for active and ambitious business partners – small consulting firms to increase momentum for sustainability movement across their region, with significant business benefits.

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