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CSE President, Nikos Avlonas, awarded in Abu Dhabi during the CSR Forum

April 4, 2014
CSE President, Nikos Avlonas, awarded in Abu Dhabi during the CSR Forum

April 6th 2014, Nikos Avlonas, Founder & President of CSE, was awarded by H.H Sheikh Nahyanbin Mubarak Al Nahyan, UAE  Minister of Culture Youth and Community Development for his contribution to CSR in GCC countries. Following the award, Nikos Avlonas gave an interview to Abu Dhabi TV and further discussed the fundamental need that GCC companies have to enhance their understanding and holistic digestion on the social impacts and create CSR strategies, not just programs.  To place emphasis on the constantly evolving developments in the CSR world, Nikos during the GCC CSR Forum presented the new global methodology for measuring Social Return on Investment and highlighted the need of sophisticated metrics in CSR.

Nikos Avlonas, honored by this recognition for contributing to the development of CSR within the GCC countries, spoke about CSE being the first organization to support CSR awareness and Training in GCC Countries since 2006 and added that “To date we have educated more than 700 professionals and advised several organizations on strategic CSR in order to make a difference towards society and the environment as a whole and we are immensely proud of this”

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