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CSE Executive Sustainability & ESG Practitioner Training Program: Another Success Story

April 30, 2024
CSE Executive Sustainability & ESG Training: Another Success Story

Hence,CSE is proud to announce that its Leadership Certified Sustainability ESG Practitioner Training Program, Digital Edition (2024) which took place in April 2024, was again sold out!

CSE Executive Sustainability & ESG Training: Another Success Story

The digital program incorporates three live sessions, facilitated by global Lead Trainers, including Nikos Avlonas, Founder and President of CSE and Karen Malone, CSE Lead Trainer and Thought Leader. The course combines online learning with an interactive, live instruction and breakout sessions.

The program address key sustainability leadership challenges and equip business leaders with updated knowledge and practical tools to develop a sustainability vision and strategy, improve branding and ESG ratings, reduce stakeholder related risks and lead sustainable companies to deliver economic returns.

The three-day live sessions complement the digital coursework, which includes multiple modules, sector specific webinars, case studies, videos and opportunities to interact with CSE trainers.

This session focused on executive-level issues as they pertain to the fundamentals of implementing a corporate sustainability ESG strategy based on the methodology developed by CSE.  Additionally, this five-part methodology, put successfully into practice by Fortune 500 firms and other leading companies around the world, includes the following parts: awareness and training; stakeholder mapping and engagement, assessment; goals and strategy; and reporting

Participants from Canada attended the C-suite ESG Program. Attendees represented Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, F&B, Insurance and Real Estate, Renewable and Oil and Energy, Machinery, Consulting, Government administration and NGOs.  

Attendees lauded the presenters’ expansive knowledge in corporate Sustainability and ESG.  Also, they emphasized the value of learning about each other’s challenges and best practices.

Sustainability and ESG requires a system- wide approach and experience has shown that there may be a training participant representing a stakeholder whose perspective is invaluable.  With the focus on business, networking is a key feature.  Attendees’ engagement evolves from the numerous group and individual interactions.

Enroll in the next C-suite ESG training with a focus on Canada here

Claim your spot on time or reach us at [email protected] for in-house training opportunities.

CSE’s digital C-suite Sustainability ESG Programs regularly max out, so CSE is gradually re-introducing, specialized in-person trainings.


About the Center for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE)

CSE is a boutique training and consulting firm supporting companies and organizations worldwide to improve their business performance and maximize their social, economic and environmental impact through the integration of sustainability (ESG) principles into their culture, operations and products. As a research-based firm, CSE conducts annual Research in N.America and Europe on Sustainability Reporting Trends, analyzing Sustainability (ESG) Trends, Ratings and Performance and confirming the correlation between Sustainability and Financial results.

Our mission is to help companies grow, innovate, and maximize their social, economic and environmental impact, for a better future and the wellbeing of the planet.



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